'The Magic Begins' is the first level of the entire game. It starts with Harry lacking magic and Hagrid doing all the work in 'The Leaky Cauldron'. As you progress, you will learn how to use the Exploding Potion, before walking through Gringott's Bank and collecting Harry's wand.


Playable in storyEdit

Unlockable in Free PlayEdit


Scene 1: The Leaky CauldronEdit

  1. You start off the level with Harry, so switch to Hagrid.
  2. Go towards the exit of this scene and use Wingardium Leviosa on the grey tiles with Harry on top to levitate him to higher ground.
  3. Now switch to Harry and climb the stairs until you no longer can.
  4. Move to the left to find a door handle - pick it up.
  5. Walk towards the screen until you drop off the higher platform.
  6. Now go back towards the door and place the handle in place.
  7. Switch to Hagrid again and use Wingardium Leviosa on the handle, now you can progress to scene 2.

Scene 2: Diagon AlleyEdit

  1. There is a small pile of bricks on the floor in front of you, and like all times you need to put them together.

    Harry and Hagrid as they enter Diagon Alley

  2. These bricks complete the wall that blocks you from proceeding, meaning now you can continue.

Potion: ExplodingEdit

  • Ingredient 1 (Spider): Stroll along the path until you spot a spider web. Once you are there, pick up the spider.
  • Ingredient 2 (Flowers): Return back the way you came and find a table. On the table, pick up the flowers.
  • Ingredient 3 (Ice-Lolly): Near the cauldron there is a Ice-Lolly Cart. Attack it with either of your characters to find an Ice-Lolly. When you find it, pick it up.

Once you complete the potion, it will destroy the wreckage. Now proceed into Gringott's Bank.

Scene 3a: Gringott's BankEdit

  1. Move to the back of the room until you spot a highlighted patch on the floor in front of Griphook

    Harry and Hagrid confronting Griphook.

  2. Wave at Griphook to take control of him.
  3. The screen will point at a lock. Find it and unlock it with Griphook.
  4. Switch to Hagrid and pull the chain in front of you.
  5. Change back to Griphook and open the safe.
  6. Switch back to Hagrid again.
  7. Build the pile of bricks to create a painting.
  8. Wave at it and the goblin in the painting will open up the vault.

Scene 3b: Gringott's VaultEdit

  1. Make sure you are near the left safe, not the right.
  2. Use Hagrid to pull the chain next to the dragon head, now it will stop breathing fire.
  3. Switch back to Griphook and open the lock to open the safe, now walk inside.

Scene 4: Diagon AlleyEdit

  1. Walk down the alleyway and into Mr. Ollivander's wand shop.
  2. Now you can progress to the next level!