'Out of the Dungeon' is the second level of Year 1 where you will fight the Mountain Troll as Harry and Ron.


Playable in StoryEdit

Unlockable in Free PlayEdit


Scene 1a: Corridoor (Boulder Blockage)Edit

  1. Walk to the right until you see some pipes
  2. Switch to Ron and select Scabbers on his spell wheel
  3. Press 'Z' to deploy Scabbers then work your way through the pipes, hitting the buttons along the way
  4. Once you do this, Harry and Ron can progress
  5. Find a set of shelves and use Wingardium Leviosa on both shelves to have the bricks for a Build-it

Build-it: StaircaseEdit

Step 1: Move either of the pieces to the right-hand side of the purple patch

Step 2: Place the other brick on top of it on the left-hand side

(Continuing Scene 1a)Edit

  1. Jump up the staircase you built and then onto the shelves
  2. Now jump to the back side of the room
  3. Walk to the right until you reach the fountain - Jump over that fountain
  4. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the torc so it sets the knight's bum on fire
  5. He will swing on the light so it falls and smashes to pieces, so go down and build it as a trident
  6. Using Wingardium Leviosa, give the trident to the statue
  7. The statue will use it as a golf club and clear the way

Scene 1b: Corridoor (Girl's Toilets entrance)Edit

  1. There is an Orange Painting beside you, so target it with magic
  2. This will give you a Female wig
  3. Run towards the Toilet Room door and press 'Z' to wave to the women

Note: Do this step as quick as you can before your wig disappears

Scene 2: Girl's Toilets (Boss: Mountain Troll)Edit

Life 1: Edit

  1. Wait for the troll to smash the ground a couple of times so a piece of the ceiling falls off
  1. Drop it on the Troll's head

1 down, 2 to go.

Life 2:Edit

  1. Select Wingardium Leviosa on your spell wheel
  2. Whenever he throws something at you, redirect it to his head

2 down, 1 to go.

Life 3:Edit

  1. He would of dropped his club by this point, so pick it up
  2. Wham it on his head to officialy make the defeat
  3. Progress to level 3!