On this level, play as Ron and Hermione as Harry's Broom is being jinxed by Snape.


Room 1Edit

  1. As you start the level, you will be on a platform with stairs by it - go down the stairs
  2. You should see some stacked boxes, so use Wingardium Leviosa on them to clear the way
  3. Walk through the way you just cleared and go right
  4. When you reach a certain point the area you are in will explode. There is a broom beside you, so ride across Note: Neither character can control it well but anyone whom can ride it can hover.
  5. Find some Pipes and complete them with Wingardium Leviosa, then use either Scrabbles or Crookshanks to get past them
  6. The Girl on the platform will be petrified of either of the creatures causing her to run away
  7. The fear of the Girl involves her knocking some Quidditch balls to destroy a nearby platform with a staircase Build-It on

Mini-Build: StaircaseEdit

  • Piece 1: Move the Blue Piece out of the way, then place the Yellow piece into the gap it fits
  • Piece 2: Now place the Green piece so that the bit that sticks out is above the Yellow one like in the diagram
  • Piece 3: Finally place the Blue piece so it leans on the Green piece
  • Now get a move-on and climb up the stairs!
  1. Move along and destroy the Broom Stands, using the pieces to build a Bookshelf
  2. Use Hermione to open it, causing an axe to come out and smash the wall beside you
  3. Walk along until you see your second Staircase Mini-Build

Mini-Build: StaircaseEdit

  • Piece 1: Place the Green piece in the little trench on the right
  • Piece 2: Place the Blue piece on the Left side
  • Before you advance, shoot the orange cover, then shoot the Orange Painting it reveals; this will get rid of the Slytherin Boy that was blocking you

Room 2Edit

  1. Go to the far right and activate the Bookshelf
  2. Place the platforms that come out onto the Purple hooks above you
  3. Build the Brown Staircase and climb as high as you can
  4. Shoot the Torch Statue and he will light the fireworks that will destroy the blockage that stopped you from advancing to accomplish the level
  5. Go through and complete the level!